Dr. Ronald Rubin MD
Dr. Ronald Rubin MDBoard Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Rubin is Now Accepting new patients at our clinics in Waukesha, Port Washington, Milwaukee, and Oak Creek

Dr. Rubin has more than 20 years of experience treating clients of all ages, including children.

Ronald G. Rubin, M.D., originally from Skokie, Illinois, has been practicing general psychiatry for over twenty years, treating people of all ages, including children. He attended medical school at the Chicago Medical School, and completed his residency at Rush Medical Center in Chicago.
In the past decade, since moving to Wisconsin, Dr. Rubin has provided services at several facilities and outpatient clinics throughout the state, including skilled nursing facilities, CBRFs, ICFMRs, and correctional facilities. He has consulted on, reviewed, and treated various chronic disorders. He works with nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, chiropractors, fellow physicians, and many types of therapists on a regular basis.
As part of his work doing Level II Screens in long-term care facilities, Dr. Rubin has also played the piano in hundreds of nursing homes. While most of his music is ragtime from the early 1900′s, he notes that so are many of his patients, so this is quite fitting. On a personal note, Dr. Rubin has three children: Hannah (age 7), Shoshana (age 5), and Elijah (7 months). “So any of my free time is filled with Barbie dolls, pacifiers and diapers”, he notes.

Horizon Healthcare clients find Dr. Rubin very approachable. He is willing to take more than one side of a discussion. Dr. Rubin believes that psychiatric nomenclature seriously lacks the specificity needed throughout medicine, which results in the treatment of symptoms rather than the diagnosis. As a psychiatrist and a parent, he says he also has some “choice words” for those responsible taking the various clubs, sports, musical and other activities away from our school system in the past few years. He continues to recommend the return of extra-curricular participation by today′s students, and works extensively with children and adolescents for the relief of their mood, attention and developmental problems.

Anger/Stress Management
Medication Management
Attention Deficit Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Expert Testimony
Forensic Psychiatry
Psychological Testing
Correctional Programming
Case Management
DWI Programming
Autism Support & Management
Couples/Relationship Counseling
Court-Ordered and Legal Assessment
& More!

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