Our Treatment Methodology

Gathering previous information, whether it be medical or life related, is a very important step in learning about our patients This knowledge can provide our physicians with an excellent understanding of your symptoms, and can easily help determine what disorder you, or your child may have.

Our first step is to sit down with you and listen to your past history, and why you decided to stop in to see us. This process is very relaxed and can be accomplished in person, or through the use of our TeleHealth hardware and software. Either way we want you to feel comfortable, and express any concerns you may have.

The second step of our therapy process involves observation, watching our patients. Through observation, our physicians can detect symptoms and actions that families will often bypass as “normal”.

This observational session occurs in one of our many clinics around the state, and can consist of a meeting with the physician in-person, or via TeleHealth (Video Communications). Our TeleHealth initiative is vastly growing, and can be very beneficial. The lack of inter-personal contact with the doctor often helps patients open up, and act as they normally would.

After gathering crucial information, and observing the patient, our physician will then start to determine the diagnosis. Diagnosing developmental disorders is not an easy task, and people often get caught up on classifications and “titles”. The “title” is not important, the important aspect is the positive outcome we strive to achieve.

In order to finalize the diagnosis, the doctor may have to take blood samples, and perform other various tests to insure safety and the best possible treatment plan.

Once the diagnosis is determined, our physicians will work with you and your family to determine the best possible treatment plan. Treatment methods generally consist of some sort of therapy (individual,group,physical etc.), medication, and sometimes both.

Our physicians are highly skilled in adapting treatment plans for each individual. The proof is in the results, come and see for yourself.

Dr. Ronald Rubin MD


Dr. Rubin has been practicing general psychiatry for over twenty years, and specializes in Autism. He is currently treating over 300 patients with new and exciting methods that show results.

Dr. Rubin